About – Our enemy: the weather

We don’t like it, but the weather can make a mess of our plans so we reserve the right to cancel any film because of bad weather.

We’ll make a decision about a weather-related cancellation no later than two hours before a scheduled screening. If we do cancel a screening, we’ll post an update on our Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also send an email to all ticketholders and refund the price of their tickets.

If we don’t post or email, that means clear skies ahead in both figurative and literal senses and we’ll see you up there.

As corny as it is to joke about the capriciousness of Melbourne’s weather, it’s also not funny because it’s true. So play it safe and bring a jacket or jumper.

If you’re down to get extra cosy, you can hire one of our blankets, made specially for us by Sunday Ganim, for $5 from our projector booth up back. If you want to bring your own blankie we’re cool with that too.