The Gateway Bug | Tues 5 Feb The Gateway Bug | Tues 5 Feb The Gateway Bug | Tues 5 Feb

The Gateway Bug | Tues 5 Feb


Over two billion people on our planet eat insects for protein. Eco foodie doc The Gateway Bug follows the rise and fall of edible-insect start-ups in America, exposing the West’s disconnect with food as climate catastrophe while offering new daily habits we can adopt to help fix our broken food system, one meal at a time. Starring TV chef Andrew Zimmern and featuring interviews with over 50 specialists from the UN, USDA and Climate Foundation, as well as commercial cricket farmers.

Stick around after the film for a Q&A with the filmmakers and local edible-insect pioneers, and arrive hungry: the Burger Shack will be ditching its usual menu in favour of crispy spiced crickets and black-ant salt, and Leap Protein and Goterra will be offering free samples of their insect protein bars.

Director: Johanna B Kelly
Stars: Andrew Zimmern, Terese Pagh, Tom DeNucci
Rating: CTC
Genre: Documentary